Consultations and Vaccinations.


We are mainly available for urgent and emergency care on our normal practice number 01822 854255.  We may begin with a telephone triage consultation in some circumstances and we may put up medication depending on the outcome of the discussion, this is a temporary procedure as we do not want to be prescribing remotely long term.  If your pet needs to be seen then an appointment can be made at the surgery.

We are not performing face to face consultations at this time, your pet will be taken into the surgery for examination and  we can then discuss treatment options from a distance or over the telephone.

Payment can be made via BACS or card payments over the phone.



With the new BVA / RCVS guidelines announced on the 14th April we will be starting some vaccinations.  This is not the return to normality as we still need to continue social distancing and restricting the number of patients seen.

We have a list of due vaccinations and overdue ones also and will be working through the list.  If you have had a reminder and would like to book in the please contact us to discuss this or email us on 

We are not starting all vaccinations, we will be starting with puppy and kitten vaccinations and first year boosters as an urgent matter.  These are the more at risk animals especially dogs with the risk of Parvovirus.  If you have a puppy or kitten or a 1 year old dog or cat then please contact the surgery by phone or email.  We will also vaccinate rabbits against myxomatosis and VHD as this is the time of year for these viral infections.


Dogs have a 3 year cycle to the vaccinations and the vaccines are still protective out to 3 months past the due date. after the first year booster the Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis component is protective for 3 years , in the interim years they will get a Leptospirosis vaccination.  We will vaccinate on a clinically justifiable basis.  If your dog is due the parvo component then we will vaccinate, if due only the Lepto component then we may delay longer unless you are in a high risk area.  We will check each case and decide how best to proceed.


Please bear with us at this time, we are running on skeleton staff and have a high workload and phone call load. We will do our best to accommodate you but please give us time to get the backlog under control.  This is not a matter of resuming all vaccines, we will only vaccinate on a clinically justified basis starting with puppies, kittens and first year boosters + at risk animals.

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See our Contact Us page for our appointment times and call Drake Vets on 01822 854 255 to book.