Sustainability at Drake Vets –

At Drake vets as with many of us, we are very keen to reduce our impact on the environment in as many ways as we can. This can be from recycling to anaesthetic gas use and our advice that we give regarding flea control and worming.

Recycling –

We recycle where we can and are keen to reduce our waste that is produced. Unfortunately like many sectors, packaging is an issue and this is something that we are working with our suppliers to improve.

Returning unused medication –

We are advising clients to return any unused veterinary medication to us for correct disposal. These can be returned to our Tavistock or Yelverton surgery.

Flea and tick control –

These treatments are of course essential for your pets wellbeing, and we are very much aware of the potential environmental damage that these products can cause. As such we have rationalised our recommendations to a few select products that have less of an impact on the environment. We do not routinely stock products containing Fipronil or imidocloprid due to the potential wash off and damage to the aquatic environment and instead use systemic treatments that have much less of an impact as long as the animals faeces is picked up and not left on the ground.

If anyone has any thoughts as to further changes that we can make to help the environment then please let us know and we can see if it can be implemented if it is viable.

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