Puppy Premium Package.

This is our newest addition to our line up of vaccination packages and represents excellent value for money with the addition of flea  treatment  and worm treatment up to 12 months of age as well as the additional cover against kennel cough with a simple vaccination at 10 weeks.

this covers the essential protection against parvovirus, distemper and canine hepatitis as well as the upgraded lepto 4 vaccine (we can also do the lepto 2 vaccine if preferred).

For the total cost of £220 this covers everything that you would need to do for your growing puppy up to 12 months of age including 10% off neutering as of August 2022.

The total cost can be paid as a single payment or we can set up a direct debit  for 9 months  – also please see the Vets deliver page for ongoing health plans after 12 months of age.

Visit 1 at 8 weeks

  • first vaccination and health check with a vet
  • worming treatment prescribed
  • oral flea and tick treatment
  • invitation to the puppy parties (x3)
  • 1 months free insurance
  • freebies
  • puppy pack and information

Visit 2 at 10 weeks

  • second vaccination and health check with a vet (can go out walking after 1 week)
  • oral wormer prescribed
  • Kennel cough vaccination

Visit 3 at 12 weeks

  • third vaccination and health check by a vet
  • oral flea and tick treatment prescribed which will last 1 month

monthly worming and flea control is prescribed at the monthly nurse check visits until 12 months of age

when your puppy is 6 months of age we will see him/her for an adolescent health check

  • examination by a vet and nurse to check growth and development
  • voucher for 10% off neutering at Drakes.

The cost of this Premium Puppy Package is £220.00 

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