Puppy Parties.


We hold weekly puppy socialisation classes where they can come as soon as they have had their first vaccination to receive the maximum benefit of socialisation from an early age.

These parties are free for puppies vaccinated at Drake Vets and we find that they greatly reduce any anxiety that puppies have of coming the ‘the vets’ when they are older.

The parties are aimed to socialise your puppy with other puppies and new people as well as the veterinary practice itself.  This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions and receive information on preventative healthcare for your pup.  They are always fun to attend and to see how your puppy gains in confidence.  We allow puppies to mix with in a carefully controlled way as we want them to be happy in the class.


Jacqui Jones, our local pet behaviour consultant and dog trainer is also on hand at these classes to give tailored advice on behavioural and training problems.  Jacqui also runs puppy training classes from the surgery and deals with behavioural issues also.  For more information please feel free to check her website http://www.alpha-dogtraining.co.uk  or contact her on 07724770241

After the puppy has had his/her second vaccination they will be able to join Jacqui’s training classes held at Drake Vets.

Puppy parties have been restarted as of Jun 2022 and are being held on a Tuesday evening depending on the numbers of puppies that we have.


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