Ultrasonography is the use of a machine which produces sound waves which are directed into the body by way of a small handpiece.  These sound waves do no harm within the patient and cause no pain, the sound waves bounce off various layers within the body and depending on what they bounce off they will produce a different image.  The principle is similar to Radar and builds up a two dimensional picture of a slice through the body.

The ultrasound machine is heavily used within the practice and is useful in a range of conditions.

  • pregnancy scanning.
  • heart examinations
  • liver and kidney examinations
  • bladder investigations
  • examination for fluid build up in the chest or abdomen.
  • ophthalmic (eye) investigations
  • and many more

This is a non invasive non painful way of getting a diagnosis of various conditions and is an invaluable diagnostic tool in veterinary practice.

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