Radiography (x-Ray) Suite.


Our purpose built radiography suite houses our new digital equipment. This is the newest development in radiographic diagnostics and is the same as the equipment that would be used at human hospitals.


The x-ray picture is developed in a machine similar to a scanner, and produces a computerised image of the x-ray, rather than a photographic film. This image is then viewed on the computer screen which enables us to view and manipulate the image at a much more detailed level than was possible with older xray films. Consequently a diagnosis can be made more accurately and rapidly. The images are stored on our computer system,or can be sent electronically for additional expert interpretation.


Radiographic investigations are always performed under anaesthesia or sedation as we need to keep the pet still to obtain good diagnostic views. Holding animals for radiography is not permitted in the UK due to Health and Safety regulations. The new digital equipment means that the images are produced more rapidly, which shortens the anaesthetic, with consequent benefits to the patient.

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