Puppy Basic Package


This is our standard vaccination package that we offer for puppies. It includes the essential vaccinations and also the worming and flea treatments for the first month.

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For lots of extras please see thePremium package

Visit 1 at 8 weeks

  • Health examination and first vaccination with a vet
  • invitation to the puppy parties (max of 3 visits)
  • puppy information pack and lots of freebies.


Visit 2 at 10 weeks

  • health examination and vaccination with a vet. (can go out walking after 1 week)

Visit 3 at 12 weeks

  • health examination with a vet and 3rd vaccination

Visit 4 at 5-6 months

  • adolescent health check with a nuse to check for development.


Puppy basic package cost is £60

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