Bird Flu

Due to the recent increase in bird flu cases reported locally we are advising clients with sick birds to telephone first and we would likely have a telephone consultation with the vet and decide on medication from there.  In the instances where we may need to see the bird we will advise on the particular biosecurity measures that we will have in place.

An Avian Influenza prevention zone has been declared across Devon and Cornwall due an increase in cases.  There are a number of measures that everyone must now follow to prevent the spread.  If you find dead wild birds, do not pick them up.  Report them to the Defra helpline on 03459335577.

Anyone who keeps birds must also take biosecurity measures to protect them.

  • keep captive birds separate from wild birds.
  • make sure wild birds cannot access feed or water used by captive birds.
  • cleanse and disinfect clothing, footwear and equipment before and after contact with birds
  • Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect bird housing on a continuous basis

The UK Health Security Agency has advised that the risk to the public is low but the prevention zone will be in place until further notice. and kept under regular review.

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