Tailored Health Packages.

We have started to offer health packages for all of our clients.  This is something which we hope will be of benefit as we have decided to make it a very much tailored approach. 

A monthly fee would be worked out depending on your requirements and all of your pets yearly preventative treatments can be included.  Flea, tick and worming treatment as well as vaccinations etc as required. This does not include consultations for a sick animal.


Every dog and cat is different and the yearly preventative treatments used will vary and as such the packages also need to vary.

There are several types of flea and tick controls available and also the frequency of worming will vary depending on lifestyle.  This will mean that if we had a one size (and price) fits all package we will not be doing the best for your animal.

Vaccinations also vary, some owners want Bordatella (kennel Cough) vaccination others don’t and so the cost will vary.


If you are interested the best option is to come in and see us to discuss it, one of our nurses would go through with you exactly what you want included in it per year.  We then work out the yearly cost and apply a discount and this can be broken down into 12 monthly payments.  If you are then happy with the cost we can simply set up a direct debit with you and your yearly healthcare is then covered.

If you are interested please call us on 01822 854255 or pop in for a chat.

terms and conditions apply.


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