Modern Digital Radiography Suite


Our purpose built radiography suite houses our new digital equipment. The installation of this equipment brings us firmly into the 21st Century, and is the similar to the equipment that is used in human hospitals.


The new equipment is powerful enough to image the deepest chest or abdomen, and the floating table allows very accurate positioning.  The x-ray picture is developed in a machine similar to a scanner (looks like a large printer)and produces a computerised image of the x-ray, rather than a photographic film. This image is then viewed on the computer screen where it can be manipulated to give greater clarity, which would not be possible with older xray films. The digital technology also allows measurements to be made on screen, labels to be applied to images, and processes such as image inversion to be applied. This helps in earlier and more accurate diagnoses, and  allows the referral of images to centres of excellence.

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