We have four separate wards.

  • Dog ward
  • Cat ward
  • Isolation ward
  • Intensive care ward

All of the wards are separate because we feel this is the best way to manage our patients of different species. Cats and dogs would prefer to be in separate rooms and this means that the cats are much more settled in a cat only environment.


The dog ward has multiple enclosed kennels which are of the walk in type and several smaller runs for smaller dogs.  Each kennel has underfloor heating which can be individually adjusted and each has individual lighting and are all fully washable.  This means that the dogs are housed in a warm comfortable environment where the nurses are more able to attend to their needs.

The cat ward again is separate and houses multiple individual cat cages with plenty of space for the associated trays and such.  The cat ward is a quiet place which we feel helps as stress is minimised unlike a mixed ward.

The isolation ward is designed for housing potentially infectious cases which fortunately are few and far between at present.  These patients fo not come into contact with any others and barrier nursing minimises cross infection. 

The intensive care ward is in the prep room and is there to help critically ill patients recover with close monitoring. 

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