In-House Laboratory

Our in house lab is fully equipped with the latest equipment to run a wide range of blood and other tests quickly and efficiently.


These tests include full biochemistry (looking at, for example liver and kidney function), haematology (looking for signs of anaemia or infection) and also endocrinology (looking at thyroid and cortisol levels amongst other tests).

  • Dedicated catalyst automatic biochemistry analyser.
  • Procyte haematology analyser
  • Snap test reader (tests for parvovorus, felv, thyroid etc)
  • Microscopy
  • Urinalysis
  • Close links with dedicated external animal laboratories for further testing

 A comprehensive in house lab enables us to run tests quickly. This allows us to get the results in a very short time resulting in a rapid diagnosis, and the possibility of early treatment, for the patient.


We also have a microscope and facilities for staining samples, allowing us to evaluate urine, skin and blood samples.


We do send some samples to external labs for certain complex tests and have arranged daily collections for these items. We aim to get the results as quickly as possible.  The time taken for these results will be discussed at the time of consultation as they will vary according to the specific test required.


In December 2013 we took delivery of our new haematology analyser.  This is the Procyte Haematology Analyser from Idexx,  this allows us to run haematology samples faster and with a much higher degress of accuracy than our previous machine which is really proving its worth.

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