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As of February 2014 Drake Vets have been accredited with the Gold Level Award as a Cat Friendly Clinic by the International Cat Care (previously known as the FAB)We have worked hard to gain this accreditation and feel this makes a big difference how we treat cats in our practice.

Drake Vets are amongst a select few in the Devon/Cornwall area that can attain the Gold level due to the design of our practice and the thought that has gone in to how we treat our cat patients.

We have separate cat and dog waiting areas and wards which reduces stress for the cats.  We also have tables for cat boxes and covers available in our cat waiting area and use a pheramone diffuser to minimise stress in this area.  We also have cat only consultation times on Tuesday afternoons (this may be extended to other days).  There are many other changes to the practice and how we hospitalise our cat patients to minimise stress.

We have three members of staff known as cat advocates that oversee the wellbeing of our cat patients and ensure that we are continuing to deliver the level of service that they deserve.

Please visit this link for more information on this award.

By the way, we still love our dog patients and do likewise for them in our dog ward to minimise stress and make their stay as calm as possible.

If you would like to discuss the cat award with someone please feel free to contact us.


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